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Yuqi: Mysterious Creature – Bigfoot

Yuqi, 05/23/09

Mysterious Creature – Bigfoot

There are many legends about so called “Bigfoot” in the whole world. In China, people call this legendary creature Yeren, and the word “Bigfoot” refers to the one living in America. However, what is it actually? This is the point of the matter but also a confused question that no one could give a clear answer now. According to the information people have found, Bigfoot (or Yeren) is “being between 2-3 meters tall, over 230 kg and having a footprint in the region of 30 to 40 cm long” (Zan) In Humboldt County, a place where Bigfoot is being suspected living in, people found “footprints, and large, unidentifiable scat, complexly constructed nests, and a few stray “unknown primate” hairs” that it left. (Streufert) In order to find the answer and explore the mystery of Bigfoot, scientists from all over world keep working.
Not like other scientific work, Bigfoot is harder to discover that also makes the results of exploration obscure. For one reason, Bigfoot has never showed its face as other large size animals – bear and ape – did. As an explorer said the Bigfoot is “a creature that has never left a skeleton behind that has been found by humans” (Streufert). Moreover, the deep mountains and dense forest where the creature lives in make investigation pretty difficult. For instance, Shennongjia, the place where yeren is suspected to exist in, is miraculous because there are sparse plants and endangered animals (Zan). Therefore, people doubt if yeren is one of the endangered animals that live there. Results from these obstacles, although it has been exploring for years, there's still no accurate evidence for its authenticity, such as the Chinese yeren. Scientist thinks that “to date no tangible evidence has been found to confirm the existence of yeren” (Zan). Therefore, the mystery of Bigfoot is still being enveloped by fog which is waiting to be cleared away.
Whether Bigfoot is truly exist or not, this unknown problem captures wild attention of the world. However, some evidence gradually appears and become convincing. For example, there are questions in article The Yeti Goes International – why governments in Himalayan area do lots of work on Yeti although it is possible a creature which fictitious and illusive? The author gave two reasons. “On one hand, if it turned out to be real it would be a rare, amazing, and endangered species; On the other hand, there’s money and publicity in the yeti legend regardless of whether there really is such a beast”. (Skeptic) In other words, governments in Himalayan who keep concerning yeti have two possible purposes. One is this mysterious creature could attract money benefits, and another one is the effort done for yeti is with the purpose of proving its existence and even protecting them because they might be rare and endangered. From this example, we can tell that yeren, as well as Bigfoot, is more likely to be real.
There is the achievement of discovery on Hubei Bigfoot – yeren which could prove its real existence. In 1977, an expedition went to Shennongjia and tried to find trace of yeren, but they didn’t see yeren with own eyes. However, as anthropologist Wang Shan said, they collected lots of hair that was very likely to belong to yeren, and later, through biologists’ analysis, it was really proved that not from humans and apes. (Zan) This could be a great encouragement and improvement in people’s work. Besides, the special geographic location gains more possibility of its existence. According to Guo Jianwei’s words, the environment in Shennongjia let him be more sure because “the Shennongjia forest area covers over 3,000 square km, with a complex natural environment and ideal climatic conditions for animals”, and he also said that "It is very possible for unknown species to live in the dense forest or remote caves there” (Zan).
In Bigfoot discovery, there is a very important thing that scientists, especially the ones who are in expedition team to explore Bigfoot or Yeren in their living places, need to pay attention to the creature itself. In other word, people cannot do only with a view to result of exploration. If Bigfoot is a creature that really exists and lives in own way, though human have no right to break their natural life or even kill them, intentionally or not, just life we protect other animals. According to people’s know to Bigfoot, it always tries to get away from human. Said by You Wenhai, a member in an investigation team for Shennongjia Yeren, “the way the site was left and the depth of the footprints show that the creatures had rushed away after being frightened” (Zan). This is also let us thinking of the work from government in Himalayan area. It is a really bad thing that some people use the attraction of Bigfoot to get money, but if people could do effort on keeping the creature in a better environment to multiply and survive, it also does help to discovery. Therefore, before taking any measure, people should consider much more aspects outside of the purpose of the creature’s mystery.
No matter Bigfoot is real or not, people cannot stop the discovery as they always do. Just like people’s question of Himalayan’s government, if this creature is not real, why so many scientists give themselves to the exploration? The scientists who believe in Bigfoot’s existence are running on the way to the truth. Looking at this creature in a scientific and also ordinary view, taking scientific measures to explore and treating the creature as an ordinary animal, we can look forward to the day that Bigfoot is unveiled and truly appears in the world.

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