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Forrest: The Bigfoot Wears Tennis Shoes

Forrest; May 20, 2009

The Bigfoot Wears Tennis Shoes

When i was young, my mom always joked with me that “Bigfoot is coming” if i did not listen to her, then i was scared about this monster at that time, because in my mind, the Bigfoot sames like the monster who have fangs, the big weapons, and they are so angry. When i grew up, i had saw a lot of imformation from the TV programs, the internet, and the exhibition in Hu Bei province. After my research about this creature, i believe that majority of Bigfoot was faked by some one who wanted to make money on this creature.
When people are talking about the Bigfoot, the primary impression of the Bigfoot should be a tall monster with human characteristics. Just like Robert Sullivan said: “Among those who believe that such a thing as the Sasquatch which were called by by the Indians exists.” Sullivan also described the general shape of Bigfoot, “the creature, which probably stands between seven and ten feet tall, weighs between a thousand and two thousand pounds, has elongated arms, is covered with either black or aubum hair. Its feet that may be as long as twenty, so it could walk over twenty miles a day. (Sullivan) Even though Bigfoot have amazing weight and height, but the figure of Bigfoot still have similarities with human characteristics, which include the figure, facial features, and the method of walk, so people consider it “a half man, half beast.”(Goldman) In another word, Goldman wanted to show us this creature looks like a kind of beast, but the action like human being. Therefore, there is a large space for some one who want to make money on this creature, because its subhuman characteristics.
Bigfoot had been recorded in many places in this world, but people cound not find some strong evidences. The scientists who were still sereaching the Bigfoot always said that they had found some kinds of Bigfoot--Snowman, the Chinese Bigfoot, and the native Bigfoot which spreaded in whole Cala.(Murphy) Different Bigfoot came from different places, the Snowman maybe lives in the Himalayas, which is a plateau in Tibet. If the investagitors want to find some evidence about Bigfoot, Shennongjia which is the most famous place that Bigfoot appeared in there is the best place to research. Even though the evidences there were just the news, some drew pictures, and some footprints, but after some witnesses stranded out and gave us some valued information. The situation there was totally changed, because they siad that they had seen “the real Bigfoot which have the red hair and eat for corn on the cob, and it had over 2.5 meters tall.” (Chinese) If the witnesses’ evidences are the truth, Bigfoot would be in Shennongjia, but these evidences are the verbal evidences, some amphibolous picture.
Even though there were lots of hi-tech means to research the Bigfoot, but there was not any strong point to prove the fact. It was reasonable that people could not take photos when they saw the Bigfoot in an incidental time. However, there were many porfessional scientists or the investigators went to the forest with their equipment, such as the camera, portable video, and GPS guide, so they could connect with others on the internet very easy. However, these new equipments did not bring some good luck for investigators, and the witness of Bigfoot became less and less. Now, Bigfoot have become as famous as UFO, which is the biggest mystery in the world. There are many similarities between Bigfoot and UFO, the first one is that there are many people claim that they were the witnesses. The next similarity is that there is no DNA test to proof them. Now, every controversial thing should be proved by scientific basis, so the only thing can prove the Bigfoot whether or not such creature exists is the DNA text. (Regal) However, some scientists have declared that “Bigfoot fails DNA test."(Christie) In this article, a scientist named Curt Nelson said “One of two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an oppssum.” (Christie) After Bigfoot fails DNA, the only one evidence became failed. Even though there are many scientists used many kinds of hi-tech to prove the existence of Bigfoot, but the result is unsatisfactory.
If some one faked this creature, and made money on its news, it should be terrible. There was an example, an American contractor Ray Wallace, who produced amazing documentary evidence depicting North America's version of the Himalayan abominable snowman. There was a record of sasquatches sounds along with photographs showing Bigfeet eating elk, frogs and even Frosted Flakes cereal. “The capstone was colour movie footage shot in 1967, supposedly showing a female Bigfoot on the move near Bluff Creek, that was the famous Bluff Creek tracks.”(Hebert) However, Loren Coleman, who is the American author of two books on sasquatches, comments that intelligent wild animals can be extremely elusive. "It took 60 years of searching to find a live mountain gorilla in Kenya."(Hebert) He adds an example that he remembers one horrible faked film of Ray. “You can almost see the tennis shoes.” Hebert also siad that “Wallace tried to sell his video productions for up to US$250,000.” On another occasion, “the fraudster offered to sell a Bigfoot to Texan Tom Slick and then backed out when the millionaire made a serious bid.” (Hebert) Now, this became a big joke in Bigfoot reaserching, and the consequence of that man who faked the movie was mocked by people, and this phenomenon was not only affected the scientists who are still working on this creature, but also make common people feel so disappointed. What’s more, Chinese people felt disappointed about Bigfoot too. It is very ironical that the economy of Shennnongjia grow very fast after these “witnesses” claimed they see the Bigfoot there, all these revenue should attributed to the tourists and investigators, so everybody in this county is living better than before—countless new apartment were built by the villiagers, many Bigfoot museums were set by Brueau of culture, hunderd of motels were opened like the mushroom after the rain. However, the Bigfoot were disappeared after this county became famous, and no one standed out to claim it again. Are these the coincidences?I considered that for the benefits of local government, may be these “witnesses” were required to say some words.
Maybe Bigfoot is the legend in everybody’s mind, and when people remember this kind of creature they should know that there were some Bigfoot lives in the forest, they were afraid to meet human. However, when Bigfoot wears the tennis shoes, I have known what’s going on eventully.

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My name is Cao Chen, I am a freshman in XISU, and I am going to HSU in Fall semester. Researching is my hobby, and I am interested in some fantastic things, such as the alien, the water monster, and the Bigfoot.


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