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Davis: Does China Really Have the Big Foot–Yeren?

Davis, 20/05/2009
Does China Really Have the Big Foot–Yeren?

Bigfoot, UFO, Loch Ness Monster and Bermuda Triangle are the four Mysteries of Nature. However, among them the research of the Bigfoot is the most fascinating one which interested us. Yeren and is the name of the Bigfoot animal which found in China and these years more and more report about the Yeren and Snowman appeared was reported by the press. However, does China really have the Yeren?
It is reported that there were two areas in China the Bigfoot had ever appeared. “The first place where found the Yeren was along the India, border of Myanmar, Karakoram, Tibet and Pamirs. The Yeren always appears Himalayas area.” (Emanuel Vlcek. 217-218) The first report about the Yeren in China was in 1832 and it was 144 years earlier than the Yeren found in Hubei. People find Yeren in the valley of the Himalayas area. “The Yeren is 1.4- 4 meters tall and they have long hair which hidden their eyes and the color of their hair is brown or black. Their body shape like the human beings and they walk by foot. It is said that the Yeren has a bad smell like the garlic.” (Emanuel Vlcek. 217-218) Because of the technology in 19th century was not as modern as today, so except the dictation which passes generation by generation, the Snowman left nothing. Also from 1832, there aren’t finding Snowman in the valley of Himalayas in China any more, so lots of people doubt about the reality of this report.
Comparing to the report of Yeren 19th century the report of Yeren in 20th ceuntry seems more reliable and valuable, because every appearance of Yeren all left the evidence to let the scientist search it. There are more and more Yeren appearance was reported these years. However the place where has a close connection to the Yeren should be the ShenNongJia in Hubei province. Because of the Yeren appeared, ShenNongJia become a famous sight which to see the Yeren. It attracted millions of people to go there per year and among them there are also lots of foreigners who want to see the appearance of the Yeren. However among those reports, the most reliable and marvelous report of Yeren appeared should be three times in different years. It can prove there is Yeren in China and help the scientists to research the Yeren.
The first time was on the 1:00, May 14th, 1976, there are five leaders of the ShenNongJia just finished their meeting and went back to ShenNongJia. “On their way back in a village called ChunShuYa, the found an animal like a big orangutan that went straight to their car. Then the driver wanted to run down the animal, however the animal climb up the mountain to avoid the impact immediately. But because of the mountain is too steep to climb so the big animal drops from the cliff. All the people get off from the car and obverse the big strange animal which covered with red hair several miles away. Few minutes later a person throws a stone to the animal then the animal walk towards the forests slowly and disappeared gradually.” (Ding.) Because there were few minutes for the people to confront with the big animal, so one of the five persons who took a camera with him took photo to the big animal. That is the first time Chinese have such a close touch to the Bigfoot. More than that, this close touch left lots of valuable evidence for the scientist to research the Bigfoot.
Seventeen years later in 1993, a group of people found the Bigfoot again in Shennongjia. “On 18:15, Sep 3rd, when a group of people pass the YanZiYa they saw three Yeren. When they drive across a corner of the mountain, the driver saw three Yeren go straight to their car. As the Yeren who on the left saw the car then he pushed the other two and they rush at the forest several miles away.” (Ding.) However, all the process was just in one minute, so nobody took photo to Yeren. But after comparing the footprint with the Bigfoot 17 years ago, scientists believe they are the same kind of animal, but not human being. This research largely makes the desire of Chinese people to research Yeren and it is also a turning point of the attitude towards Chinese to the Yeren. People believe there is “Yeren” in world even in China gradually.
Unbelievable, in the 21st century the “Bigfoot” appear in Shennongjia the third time. “On the 23:40, Jan 28th, 2002. When people after work and came back home from the storehouse, they saw a big animal covered with yellow hair. Because of it happened just after snowing, so the animal left his footprint in the snow land. The footprint was 40 centimeter long and 15-17 centimeter wide. The shape of the footprint likes a people’s footprint without shoes.” (Ding.) Because of the accurate data of the Bigfoot was reported this time, so people now have an idiographic impression to the Chinese Bigfoot – Yeren.
The most valuable thing should be the appearance of the Yeren left the footprint and feather all three times. After researching, scientists believe that there is really a big foot animal which different and bigger than human beings, so there was really Yeren exist in China. Based on the research of the scientist and after comparing and analyzing the report, I believe that there is really Yeren live in China.
To research the Yeren well and solve the mystery of the Yeren earlier, “The Yeren Research Organization of China was built in 1981.” (Xiao.) This organization organizes the professors of the Yeren in China to research the footprint and feather that Yeren left to us. Nowadays they even went into the forest where the Yeren was reported appeared to found more evidence. The reported of the three time’s Yeren’s appearance is a key to open the door of the Chinese Yeren research. The reports not only left the footprint and feather for the scientist to research but they also gave Chinese the confident and faith to believe the Yeren was exist in China, so I believe the Yeren must appear in few years time again. As the technology become more and more modern and more evidence of Yeren was found in China, I believe that one day the scientist will declare that they find the real Yeren in China.

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I am Jiang Molin, you can call me Davis. I am a boy and I was born in Aug. 9th 1989. I come from Qingdao a beautiful Coastal city in the southern part of China. Now I am studying at Xi’an Internatioal Studies University Humboldt College. I love sport and travel. Sport can help me keep health and relax myself from the high pressure work. Travelling can let me see the nature scenery and know different cultures from different places. That’s me who is open, talkative and like to make friends with people who come from different places.

[Yeti image from "TinTin in Tibet" by Herge]

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