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Tina: Balance the Truth and Tale

Tina, May 23th 2009

Balance the Truth and Tale

With regard to the truth and the tale, the former one is telling about the fact, which existed on earth and we can prove it true using effective and virtual evidence to let the public to trust it. However, there is a great deal of people who make up many ostensible and inauthentic objects in the movies or the novels to captivate people’s eyes of which one is true which is not.
Bigfoot is a kind of animals that looks very much like human, some reports said the human beings has found our relatives. By means of reading several essays and articles what I looked for and including which the teachers sent to us, at the present I have a better understanding of the Wildman in China or the bigfoot in America. It was reported by the whole world for years.
“With one giant stride, the "wild-man" of China has stepped off the biological record. This big creature was two meters tall, had long red hair, left 40cm footprints, it even can walk and stand straight just like a human being, but it has no tails, although “tales told of the wild man evoke those surrounding of the yeti, or Abominable Snowman, or the Himalayas, and the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, of the Pacific Northwest, whose existence is also unproved, discovering the Wildman is a continuous process, it is not a thing of the past.'' (WREN) The earlier record said that there were four scientific expeditions have searched for the wild man since 1976, concentrating on the mountainous, thickly forested Shengnongjia region of northwestern Hubei. And “in September 1981, Fang Jingchuan and two other members of a scientific expedition said they saw a wild man before it fled into a bamboo thicket. Researchers have found curious footprints, strands of hair and feces. But the mystery remains unsolved, for they have yet to capture or film a wild man.” (WREN ) Only with the footprint it seems no very precise to say the bigfoot is existing at present. And there are also some other things can be considered. The proofs including the videos, photographs, footprints, feces, hairs, dead bodies, in 1980 MengQingbao, a leader of an expedition, found 1,000 footprints, and which owns the highest trust is the persons who have seen the bigfoot by their own.
In China, there is someone who can say that he saw the Yeren by himself. “WuHan, China one evening last April in Cangyuan County north of China's border with Burma, a schoolteacher named Li Mingzhi heard the village dogs bark. He took his hunting rifle, thinking a wild animal was prowling about, and went out into the bright moonlight. He assumed that the human form he saw was one of the villagers and walked up to meet him. As Mr. Li told it afterward, he found himself face to face with a giant hairy primate. Mr. Li not daring to touch or shoot the creature, until it disappeared into the dense rain forest.”(WREN) We have no ideas whether it is true or not, maybe it is just a story. But one thing is that “where the Wildman or the Bigfoot appeared are all in the remote areas, The Shennongjia region, where the wild man has been most often reported, is a rugged area of high mountains ranging up to 10,000 feet and deep valleys with heavy vegetation and caves. It lies in a remote corner of Hubei Province”(WREN) Where there is a large of dense forests, woods, and brushwood for them to hide themselves not to be disturbed or damaged by the human beings.
As a result, the places bigfoot lived or hidden which added much more invisible difficulties to the bigfoot research, then the process of searching always not very smooth, still did not appear some strong believable proofs.
Between the tales, stories and the fact, is it really live among us, is it true to live on earth now, is it actual what just like the report said. “In the fascinating and comprehensive look at the fact, fiction, and fable of the North American "Sasquatch," award-winning author Loren Coleman takes readers on a journey into America's biggest mystery-could an unrecognized "ape" be living in our midst? Drawing on over forty years of investigations, interviews, and fieldwork on these incredible beasts, Coleman explores the modern debates about these powerful, ape-like creatures, why they have remained a mystery for so long, and what we can learn about ourselves from these animals, our nearest cousins”. (Loren) Yes, we research the bigfoot not only for the bigfoot itself but also has a better chance to do the study of the human being ourselves. To watch what we had and have disappeared. So from seeing the bigfoot the human can understand ours character from another point of view.
Well, why this big and curious creature has been reported and researched for decades, maybe this is not the story or the tale just like what the people described. In my opinion, something happened must have its own reasons ahead. However, in spite of the movies, the literature and the books to think up or to make the bigfoot true on purpose, then, the people all consider maybe it is really existing on the earth, although it does, nor like what appeared in the movie. Well, after my own study and research I can give a result that the bigfoot or the Yeren has existed before but I am not sure that whether they are still living now.
There are a couple of scientists who have already proved that they saw the creature’s footprints and feces as evidence to say the half-man and half-animal is still existing at present. (WREN) As saying goes “every corner has two sides”. But I think the existence side is much stronger. Because there were countless evidences stand out to say and emphasize that the bigfoot is not just in the book or in the movie, it was not merely described as the big creature which we can see in the television, after distinguishing tons of proofs the public cannot only say the bigfoot is only a nonobjective image which comes from the person who has conceived that. There are also a couple of scientists and biologists who are still researching on the Wildman, so it not only what the TV show reported or said, it has academic, professional sources and documentation. There are so many continuous reports about the bigfoot all over the world.
Nevertheless, no matter the fact and the truth, the tale and the story both of them can date back to their sources in the real life. whenever, wherever or however did it find and report, we can say that just keep the fact or the tale balance in our heart, not express or explain something is like this or like that on purpose. We human to respect what on earth have existed or never and ever have existed in order to keep the world balance.

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