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WeiWei: The Authenticity of Bigfoot in America and China

WeiWei; May 25, 2009

The Authenticity of Bigfoot in America and China

We often see the creature who have hairy body, high stature, heavy weight, bigfoot, and some humanlike characters in fairy tale or old story. Who are they? There have many different names for them. In the United States, people called them Bigfoot. In Asia, Yeti or Yeren is their name. In stories, they are wild animals who are strong then people. They can climb mountain and swim the river very easily, and also run very fast. They eat anything, no matter the alive or dead, no matter it is fresh or rotten. There have common description for Bigfoot in ogre stories, “like us, but bigger, like an animal, but smarter.”(Loxton 96-97)
People know the things of Bigfoot just from different stories. Do they really exist in the world, or just a hoax from old story? Different people have different ideas, but from the characteristic of Bigfoot, some proofs about the existence of Bigfoot, and the good environment for Bigfoot living, I think they are really exist in the world.
From the characteristic of Bigfoot, I have many different ideas about the existence of Bigfoot. Bigfoot have similarity with people, like walk, so they are the creature which have half of human’s character, and half of animals’ character. Human and animals can exist in the world, why Bigfoot can’t exist? There have million creatures which are all different with others in the world. Maybe Bigfoot is one of these creatures. Bigfoot has some characters like human, and some characters like apes. People evolved from apes, so maybe Bigfoot is the creature which didn’t have well evolution to become people. Furthermore, “It is very possible that yeren could be the close ancestors of humans.”(Zan 44-45) Bigfoot can walk by their foot, and their appearance have similarity with apes which the ancestor of people. There must have close relationships between people and Bigfoot. We can presume some ideas from this information. Because Bigfoot and people have close relationships, Bigfoot should exist in the world the same with people.
Many people said they have seen Bigfoot in their life. Did all of them lie to us? When people found many things which Bigfoot left in the forest, did they make the fake proof to cheat others? In American, distribution of Bigfoot is “from upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, New Mexico, not just the Pacific Northwest.” (Streufert) But From the maps of “2009 Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Expeditions”, we can found the dense area of Bigfoot is Pacific Northwest. The most dense distribution place of Bigfoot is in Willow Creek.
Steven Streufert who is manage the Bigfoot book store in Willow Creek have written the “Bigfoot in Humboldt County”. He talked about the phenomenon of Bigfoot in Humboldt county has 50 years history. Some people said they found many things about Bigfoot in Humboldt County, such as big footprints, and heavy sound from Bigfoot. From these proofs, we can know Willow Creek must be exist the creature, but are they Bigfoot? We don’t know. In “Bigfoot in Humboldt County”, Steve gave one example of “the hoaxers” about Bigfoot. Biscardi who is the member of Happy Camp said to people that he found the place where Bigfoot live in and know the people who have been seen the Bigfoot. People prepared all things to wait the Bigfoot, but nothing happened. It looks like a joke which Biscardi and witness play on everyone in order to improve fame of the county and cause people’s attention. (Streufert) According to these hoaxers who want to fake the Bigfoot, most things of Bigfoot are not real in Willow Creek. Except some frustrated examples to prove the existence of Bigfoot, I still believe Bigfoot exist in the Willow Creek. The reason why I believe that because on one hand, I think only a few people want to make the fake proof on purpose. One the other hand, many people in Humboldt County really saw the Bigfoot in their life.
The father of a local business saw the Bigfoot who has hairy body, bigger and taller than people in the bank. A customer saw Bigfoot family in Willow Creek, he found the creature like to see kids how to play, but they came back to woods quickly. (Streufert) From two examples, I think Bigfoot should exist in the Willow Creek. People couldn’t image a creature which doesn’t have foundation in their mind. Through many people’s experience, we can realize something about Bigfoot. So many people have seen the Bigfoot and told their story completely, it must have the creature in the world.
Compare with Willow Creek, there have same things in China, people also said they have seen Bigfoot in Shennongjia where is a beautiful place of HuBei Province. Tourists saw the two creatures near the Licha River. When two creatures saw the car of tourists, they run quickly, and disappeard in the wood. When tourists went to the place where they found the Bigfoot again, they found something left by Bigfoot, such as footprints, many broken plants.(Zan Jingfan 44-45) From this information, we can found Bigfoot is afraid of people. They have their own life which is apart from people. They don’t understand people, so the people don’t know them, either. In our eyes, they are strange creatures which are different from other animals. However, maybe we also are strange creatures in Bigfoot’s eyes. Not only we can confirm the existence of Bigfoot through the witness, but also we can find some information from environment of Shenlongjia.
There have some proofs about the existence of Bigfoot found from the environment. “According to the law of geographical distribution of animals, it is important for such kind of creatures to exist.”(Zan 44-45) I agree with this idea, because Shenlongjia has “complex natural environment and ideal climatic conditions”(Zan 44-45), so the environment must fit the life style of Bigfoot. Environment is the important factors to impel the growth of everything on earth. Because it is a good place for Bigfoot to live, it will appear Bigfoot easily in there.
There have different ideas about Bigfoot, so people still explore the authenticity of Bigfoot. From many examples from America and China, we can know more information about Bigfoot. In my opinion, first of all, many examples prove the existence of Bigfoot. It is impossible that many people make fake proofs. Through the characteristic of Bigfoot, we found there have close relationships between people and Bigfoot. Our world is magic, it can create different creatures and make them live together on earth, so we should believe Bigfoot exists in the world. Actually, Whether Bigfoot exists or not, we still want to find them, and know the lifestyle of them.
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Hi, my name is WeiWei. I’m an outgoing and happy girl. I’m a Chinese student in Xi’an International Studies University. Now, I’m learning English in Humboldt College. The fall semester of 2009, I will learn Globalization in Humboldt State University. My birth place is AnKang. It is a small city where has blue sky and clean river of Shaanxi province. Reading, singing, dancing and playing piano is my hobby. I also like literature very much. In my article about Bigfoot, I think it should be exist in the world. I also gave some ideas about Bigfoot. Hope you like it.

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