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Amber; May, 22, 2009


Have you ever heard about any kinds of species who is “as tall as 12 feet and weighing as much as half a ton, who is covered with long hair except for face and hands”, and having “a distinctive human-like form”.(Murphy, Christopher L. “Bigfoot and the FBI”.) It named bigfoot, a popular saying. Because of the sasquatch has many famous stories by different people in different area, bigfoot belong natural have different calling in different area. Such as the popular saying bigfoot only used in north America, a name Sasquatch, which was called by many Australia, named Mapinguar in Amazonas, also in China, because of nation geography facotr, people called bigfoot as Yeti. (JiFand, Zan. “Hubei Bigfoot-Fact or Fiction?”) If bigfoot is not exist, why almost all over the world people try to make a same lie that bigfoot is exist? I mean they are impossible to make a deal to say this same lie, they even don't know each other countries language. In my opinion, I believe bigfoot do exist for a long time.
An evidence shown from the middle 19th century, the huge giant which has similar appearance but actually have no relative society similary with human beings, when it was roaming the earth has been sightings almost every continent.( JiFand, Zan. “Hubei Bigfoot-Fact or Fiction?”) That’s the earlier time have record about bigfoot.

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Hi!I’m Amber. I’m a Chinese girl whoes hometown is in the ancient city, Xi’an. Xi’an with Athens, Rome and Cairo, are four famous ancient capital all over the world. And 13 dynasties established their capitals in Xi’an. How wonderful place, isn’t it?
Now I study in Xi’an International Studies University, my major is Journalism, to be an excellent journalist is my dream. Because I love to find out truth espically research something. Therefore, bifgoot is one of my interesting topic, after research so many articles, pictures and some video, I think there are three possible parlances to explain bigfoot existed or not. First, bigfoot is a trick from those boring person. Second, bigfoot is not that bigfoot, it’s only some people whose body type are huge than others, then those eyewitnesses misunderstood the hunge body type people are bigfoot. Third, bigfoot are real exist in the past, just die out recently years. The reason why I said so because I believe bigfoot cannot exist in today’s such terrible environment. And many people with what kinds of high-tech cannot give out any believable evidence to prove bigfoot’s exist. I always think: seeing is believing. Even though I don’t see bigfoot before, I still interested in this secret figure.

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