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Panjie: Does Bigfoot Exist?

Panjie, 5/24/09

Does Bigfoot Exist?

There is a kind of thing that famous of almost 400 years. It is still a mystery. Some people said that they have met it before. But nobody can improve it. It is Bigfoot.
Bigfoot appeared everywhere. In different places, it has different names and similarities. In China, it is called Yeren, while Indians called it Sasquatch, which is means “wild man”. Overall, it has same characteristics. It is very large that about 2 or 3 meters high. It has huge footprints that about 30 cm. It is covered with hair and seemed like human. (BFRO)
Though there are a lot of stories about Bigfoot, the most famous place of Bigfoot is northern California. There even built a museum for Bigfoot. There is a large area of forest in northern California, so it seems Bigfoot like to live in forest and away from human. Northern California is Mediterranean climate, which wet in winter and dry in summer. It is very famous for its Redwood Park. The tourists are very many all years, especially holiday. If Bigfoot really exists and wants to live away from people, California is not a good place. Discussing to here, I might think, does Bigfoot exist, or created by American’s great imagination?
There is a famous theory that called Evolution. It mentioned that every creature develop from easy to complex and would be more easy to suit the environment. Also, every creature develop very slowly, but do developed.(Darwin) In that way, it is hard to imagine 400 years ago, a group of creature appeared without any conditions and in nowadays, they hardly being different, as we learned from stories.
Among all of the research, a film that was made by Patterson was attracted by a lot of people who interested in Bigfoot. The film was about a Bigfoot across the forest and turned back to glance them. In Linda Newton’s article, we found the truth of this video,
“Morris says Patterson wanted the suit for a prank when he asked him what the suit was for, "..., but I thought that was pretty odd because these were expensive suits," said Morris.”Our customers were movie studios and famous magicians, the suits cost $450. Back then. That is like over $1,000 today. I thought it was odd to spend so much on a prank, but I sent him the costume."
The research of this video seemed to be a joke. And it also made the research harder, because we don’t know which to believe. Some scientists interested in Hair Identification. In the article of “Hair/Fiber Identification”, the author said,” As with any set of hair/fiber samples collected over a given period by Bigfoot enthusiasts, most will eventually be identified as known mammals or plant fibers”. The analysis of Bigfoot’s so called “physical evidence” has no obvious help on the research. What is more important, nobody has been looks for and truly found the Bigfoot remains.
As to me, I don’t think this kind of creature exists. If they do, why do we only have footprints and stories instead of truly physical evidences, such as the body or true hair? Otherwise, as the number of Bigfoot is so little that we even can’t find them, how can they keep continuity for 400 years? As human being have already develop the earth so deeply, it is so hard for us not notice a kind of animal that so original and live with people for so many years. China has these stories as well. Shennongjia is the famous place of China that has been said there are Yeren there. But in 1977, Chinese scientists did a large-scale of research, including over 100 biologists and anthropologists. But nothing was found. (Yuan, Wang)
The legend of Bigfoot is charming, but that is hardly to say it is the truth. At least, no research shows that there is this kind of creature exists. So, as my point, there must be some mistaken in such things, such as recognize other animals as monster, or even just for fun.

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My name is Panjie Wang. I am a student in XISU, Humboldt College. In spare time, I like surf the Internet and read some information about monster, such as vampire. Recently, I am interested in Bigfoot. I think it is a good thing in story, but I don’t think it exist in the world. It is not followed the rule of nature. But, nobody can improve it. I think monsters are more attractive than other things, because they are mystery.

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